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2018 MLB season preview

Jordan Morandini joins Jack for an in-depth MLB season preview. Together, Jordan and Jack go division-by-division to cover all 30 teams and all six divisions. Jordan's Phillies stole Jake Arrieta from Jack's Cubs; each of them provide a unique perspective on one of the biggest free agent signings of the offseason. Tune in to find out who they have winning the World Series!

Including: Giancarlo Stanton's new team, "rebuilding vs. tanking" in baseball, the new-look Kyle Schwarber, Red Sox vs. Yanks, Cardinals vs. Brewers vs. Cubs, the wild (NL) West, Dee Gordon's new position, sleeper teams, the state of free agency in 2018, and much, much more!

AL West (8:15 - 39:18)

AL Central (39:18 - 1:02:52)

AL East (1:02:52 - 1:26:45)

NL East (1:26:45 - 1:43:40)

NL Central (1:43:40 - 2:17:18)

NL West (2:17:18 - 2:30:10)

Playoff picks: (2:30:10 - END)

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(Image via David Berding/Getty Images)


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