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2019 MLB All-Star selections, Home Run Derby, MLB London Series

Jordan Morandini returns to the Jack Vita Show to share his 2019 MLB All-Star selections (0:00 - 28:35), talk All-Star game rules and stakes for the game (28:35 - 36:00), MLB's experimental 'London Series' (36:00 - 45:10), Cubs' June woes (45:10 - 1:15:25), Phillies' struggles (1:15:25 - 1:25:00), potential second half shockers (1:25:00 - 1:30:00), Home Run Derby (1:32:15 - END), and much more!

Who will crack Jack and Jordan's MLB All-Star teams? What is the reason for the Cubs and Phillies mid-season struggles, and how can both teams get out of their funks? Is Joe Maddon's seat warming up? What are Jack and Jordan's thoughts on the MLB London Series? Is it something worth doing every year? Is it an idea that should be expounded upon? In other words, should out-of-country travel occur for teams during the season? Or is spring training a better time for it?

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(Image via Toronto Blue Jays/Twitter)


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