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2021 Wild Card Weekend Preview

Throughout the NFL Playoffs, Jack will be joined by Jordan Morandini each week for a livestream on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, in which they will preview the weekend's coming games.

This week, they kick off with a preview of Super Wild Card Weekend, featuring six opening round playoff games, including the following matchups: Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills (8:45 - 22:10), Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks (22:10 - 28:45), Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Football Team (28:45 - 35:35), Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans (35:35 - 46:10), Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints (46:10 - 1:02:10), and Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers (1:02:10 - END). Jordan and Jack share their picks for this weekend's slate of games. Follow Jack's Facebook (facebook.com/jackvitashow), Twitter (@JackVitaShow) and YouTube (youtube.com/jackvita) accounts, so you won't miss next week's NFL Playoff livestream!

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