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2020 MLB preview: the NL West

Alongside Chad Vautherine, Jack previews the NL West just in time for Opening Day. What would each team's win totals look like if they were playing a full 162 games, and how could a shortened season change the seasonal outlook for teams?

Can anybody beat the Dodgers? Will the Padres finally turn the corner? Are the Diamondbacks being slept on? Can the Rockies bounce back from their dismal 2019 season? And what will Gabe Kapler bring to the Giants? Episode complete with win projections and divisional picks.

Here are Jack's win total projections for the NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers - Jack's 162-game projection: 101-61

60-game projection: 37-23

Arizona Diamondbacks - Jack's 162-game projection: 91-71

60-game projection: 34-26

San Diego Padres - Jack's 162-game projection: 75-87

60-game projection: 28-32

Colorado Rockies - Jack's 162-game projection: 74-88

60-game projection: 27-33

San Francisco Giants - Jack's 162-game projection: 59-103

60-game projection: 22-38

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(Image via Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports)


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