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MLB: Washington Nationals are the 2019 World Series champions

Chad Vautherine from the Cheap Seats podcast joins Jack to recap a very memorable 2019 World Series. Chad explains how his Astros ended up falling short, and how the Nationals were able to edge out the Astros in a very close series that ran to a full seven games.

Jack and Chad answer a number of questions pertaining to this World Series such as: Were the Nationals a better team without Bryce Harper, than they were with him? Did Major League Baseball get the Trea Turner play right? What might change from a rules standpoint as a result going forward? Where do the Astros go from here? With George Springer and Gerrit Cole hitting free agency, is their competitive window closing? But first, Aron Hiltzik calls in to educate us all on the legend behind the Stephen Strasburg rookie card; fitting that ten years later that the homegrown Strasburg wins World Series MVP for the Nationals.

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(Photo via Washington Post)


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