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128 sports movies enter 'Best Sports Movie of All-Time Bracket'

After a very lively 2000s kids show bracket, the Christmas movie bracket and the mascot bracket, the Jack Vita Show is back with another bracket, and it's our most dramatic bracket ever. It's the Best Sports Movie of All-Time Bracket!

128 sports films have entered the tournament, and voting will begin next week. Why 128? Two weeks ago, I began rounding up submissions for films to include in the Best Sports Movie of All-Time Bracket. As the submissions kept coming in, I was having a hard time fitting all of the submissions, as well as the staples of sports cinema, into a field of 64. I thought, "Everybody loves a big bracket! Why not double the tournament field, and double the fun?" So with this bracket, we're trying something new, and expanding the field to 128. With 128 films, there are eight regions, seeded 1-16.

The seeding was determined by Rotten Tomatoes' audience scores. The higher the audience score, the higher the seed. Now, did I take some creative liberties when selecting some of the matchups? To a certain degree, yes, I did. I put all of the Kevin Costner films in the same region. There were some other matchups I had fun putting together. But the seeds in themselves were determined by audience score. Unhappy that Like Mike is a 15 seed? Yeah, me too. But when the rubber meets the road, the seeds won't matter. Vote, and make sure your voice is heard!

Voting will begin with Region A on Monday, July 19. Each day, a new region will be up for voting. You will be able to vote once each day on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles, for a total of three votes per person, each day. I will have polls running on my Instagram and Facebook stories, and on Twitter too.

We'll be previewing the entire bracket in the next episode of the Jack Vita Show!

Follow my social media handles to stay up with the bracket, while tuning in to the Jack Vita Show, as well as subscribing to this website for updates to the bracket:

Twitter - @JackVitaShow

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Above you can view the entire field of 128. With it being a larger bracket, I've also included images of the top half and the bottom half of the bracket, if folks want a closer look.

Get a printable bracket here.

Sports Movie Bracket
Download PDF • 938KB


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