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2018 NBA, NHL playoffs update with Evan Myers

Evan Myers returns to the podcast as he and Jack introduce a new feature recapping their recent experience at Miller Park over the weekend. Then they dive deep into NBA playoff action. Later, they discuss the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and lastly, some Cubs and White Sox talk revolving around their outfield situations, and most importantly: Albert Almora Jr.

Including: Rubio vs. Russ, playoff chippy-ness, Pacers-Cavs, LeBron vs. Lance, Derrick Rose's resurgence, the arrival of Anthony Davis, the Golden Knights' early round statement, what to eat at Miller Park, Trayce Thompson's return to the White Sox, the ascension of Albert Almora Jr. and more!

Miller Park traveler's guide (0:00-15:20)

NBA Playoffs (15:20-1:04:25)

NHL Playoffs (1:04:25-1:11:00)

White Sox (1:11:00-1:18:50)

Cubs (1:18:50-1:39:06)

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