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2018 Stanley Cup preview: Golden Knights, Capitals face-off

With the 2018 Stanley Cup beginning later this week, Sam Quiat returns to the Jack Vita Show to set the table for what looks to be a historic series between the Washington Capitals and the expansion Vegas Golden Knights.

Sam and Jack discuss the significance of the Golden Knights' run to the Stanley Cup in their first year of existence and how the Golden Knights' story compares to the greatest hockey underdog story of all-time: the Miracle on Ice. How will Alex Ovechkin perform in his first ever Stanley Cup appearance? The Capitals (and the city of Washington D.C. for that matter) have had a tendency to come up short in the postseason. The city last won a major sports championship in 1991, when Joe Gibbs' Washington Redskins were Super Bowl champions. Will DC finally break through 27 years later? Is this the the last stand for the Capitals? Sam and Jack also talk favorite national anthem performances, why hockey fights are exponentially better than basketball fights, Stanley Cup predictions, a full preview of the 2018 Stanley Cup, and more!

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(Photo via Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun/Associated Press)


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