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2019 MLB season preview

In the latest episode of the Jack Vita Show, Jordan Morandini and Jack make their (one month-late) MLB division and World Series picks, as Jack returns to the podcast for the first time since having thyroid surgery for our 2019 MLB season preview.

Who do Jack and Jordan have coming out on top of each American League and National League division? Jack is ready to boldly proclaim the Tampa Bay Rays the 2019 American League East champions. What are some of their other sleeper picks? Join us, as we take a deep dive into Major League Baseball and put each team under the microscope, taking a close look at all 30 teams. What are Jordan's thoughts on his Philadelphia Phillies, who spent big over the winter, adding Bryce Harper, Andrew McCutchen and JT Realmuto? What is Jack's outlook on the Chicago Cubs, who disappointed in the 2018 NL Wild Card game?

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(Image via AP Photo/Scott Audette)


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