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NBA Finals, NBA Draft, NBA off-season, and MLB talk

Connor Boehm makes his Jack Vita Show debut to recap the NBA Finals (0:00 - 22:05), the Lakers acquiring Anthony Davis (22:05 - 35:50), the NBA Draft (35:50 - 49:20) and news from around Major League Baseball (49:20 - 1:12:45).

The mighty Golden State Warriors have finally fallen. In Kawhi Leonard's first year with the Toronto Raptors, the team up north won its first NBA championship. How was the 2018 NBA title won for the Raptors? The Lakers are going all-in, after their disappointing 2018-19 season, trading for Anthony Davis. Connor and Jack share their thoughts on the trade that sent a number of young pieces to the New Orleans Pelicans. They also talk NBA Draft sleepers and steals, as well as their thoughts on this year's lottery picks. Later, they discuss the latest MLB news, and attempt to pinpoint the source of the Chicago Cubs' 2019 struggles.

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(Photo via USA Today)


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