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Parker Gatewood on the NBA Finals, Kawhi, life, faith and American Ninja Warrior

Former American Ninja Warrior contestant Parker Gatewood returns to the Jack Vita Show to break down an exciting Eastern Conference Finals series and Kawhi Leonard's ascension to the top of the NBA (0:00 - 20:10). The Raptors are going to their first ever NBA finals after defeating the Bucks!

Parker and Jack exchange thoughts on sportsmanship vs. showmanship (specifically in reference to Major League Baseball's slogan of "Let the kids play") and professional athletes marketing themselves for off-the-field opportunities (20:10 - 25:00), Giannis and the Bucks coming up short once again of an NBA Finals trip (25:00 - 31:00), and Toronto's defense and depth that helped propel them to their first NBA Finals appearance (31:00 - 33:50). Then, Parker and Jack preview the NBA Finals (33:50 - 42:05) and talk about life lessons they both are learning through trials, such as Jack's recent thyroid surgery (42:05 - 59:45). Finally, Parker sets the stage for season 11 of American Ninja Warrior (59:45 - 1:14:20).

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(Image via John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports)


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