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NFL Conference Championships Recap, The Bachelor and Celebrity Big Brother talk with Rachel Gerhardt

Rachel Gerhardt stops by the Jack Vita Show to talk about NFL officiating and overtime rules, the conference championship games from the previous weekend, stories from the Cubs Convention, and early thoughts on The Bachelor and Celebrity Big Brother.

Once again, NFL officiating and the league's rules make it difficult for us to enjoy the football and play on the field, this time in the conference championship games. Officiating and rules are the biggest stories coming out of a great weekend of football. Jack argues that the Saints choked the NFC title game away themselves and can't pin their loss on the refs. Check out this Twitter thread for a closer look at things. Jack and Rachel discuss whether or not the NFL should change its overtime format. They later chat about Rachel's time at the Chicago Cubs' convention and the beginning of Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor and season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother.

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(Photo via USA Today)


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