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2020 MLB Hall of Fame voting, Kris Bryant's new role, Astros, spring training, and more

Andrew Stem returns for part two of his conversation with Jack. It's time to talk baseball! Check out part one for the college basketball content that you crave.

Spring training games are being played and the spotlight is still focused on the Astros. Should the MLB have been tougher on the Astros? Plenty of thoughts are shared on the latest in the Astros' sign-stealing debacle. David Ross plans to use Kris Bryant in the lead-off spot this season. Is this the move that can help solve the Cubs' offensive woes?

One month after the Hall of Fame vote, Andrew and Jack discuss the Hall of Fame cases of Curt Schilling, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and others that were once again left out of the Hall. Who are some players that should get in, that haven't gotten as much attention in recent years? All this, and more coming up on the Jack Vita Show!

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