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2020 MLB Playoffs: previewing Rays and Dodgers, World Series 2020

Jack is joined by's Joey Ricotta to recap the ALCS and NLCS series between the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Houston Astros and Tampa Bay Rays. Later they preview the 2020 World Series.

Along the way, Joey and Jack discuss how the Rays and Dodgers got here, the collapse (and what appears to be a very bright future) of the Atlanta Braves, MLB playoff broadcasts, this year's bizarre playoff schedule, and plenty more. How did the Rays, with the league's 28th-highest payroll, win the American League pennant? Do the Rays have baseball's best front office? Was this the worst Atlanta choke job of all-time, even worse than the Falcons squandering the 2017 Super Bowl? Which network broadcasts the playoff games best between ESPN, TBS and FOX? What will be the keys to victory for the Dodgers and Rays? Who will win the 2020 World Series in Arlington, Texas?

You can follow Joey on Twitter @TheRiot326.

For more sports and entertainment analysis, follow me on Twitter @JackVitaShow, and subscribe to the Jack Vita Show on iTunes or wherever podcasts are found.

(Photo via Eric Gay/Associated Press)


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