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2021 College football preview: Big 12, ACC, Pac-12, Group of 5, Independent teams

College football season is coming soon! In part one (of two) of our 2021 College Football Preview, Andrew Stem and Jack Vita take a close look at the Big 12 (0:00 - 16:45), ACC (16:45 - 26:10), Pac-12 (26:10 - 40:25), and the best Group of 5 and independent teams (40:25 - END) in anticipation of the coming season. Oklahoma and Clemson are generating the most hype out of the teams in these conferences, but who are some potential sleepers to sneak in to the College Football Playoff? Could North Carolina or Miami steal an ACC title following the departures of Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne? Could this be the best Iowa State football team ever assembled, and could Brock Purdy and Breece Hall lead the Cyclones to a Big 12 Championship? Could the Pac-12 send a team to the College Football Playoff this year, and if so, which team would it be? Who will be the nation's best group of 5 and independent schools this season? Is there a path for a non-power 5 team to reach the playoff this season, or has that ship sailed? What should we expect from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish this year?

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Check out part two of our college football preview, where Jack and Andrew talk Big Ten and SEC, and share their College Football Playoff selections!

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(Images via Scott Varley, Daily Breeze/SCNG, Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images, USA Today, and Robert Franklin)


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