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2021 MLB preview: the NL Central

In the fourth edition of the 2021 MLB Preview Series, Jack is joined by Cubs fan Grant Smith for a comprehensive look at the Pittsburgh Pirates (9:15 - 23:35), Cincinnati Reds (23:35 - 34:05), Milwaukee Brewers (34:05 - 46:45), St. Louis Cardinals (46:45 - 59:55) and Chicago Cubs (59:55 - END).

Is the NL Central really the worst division in baseball, or are some of its teams being slept on? Rebuilding or reloading? - What exactly are the Cubs going for in 2021, after losing Lester, Darvish, Chatwood and Quintana? Jack has TWO bold Cubs' predictions and thinks their rotation might surprise people. The Reds also shed payroll this winter after making their first playoff appearance in eight years last October; can they fill holes and get more from their offense, in order to return to the postseason for the second straight year? In a shortened 60 game season, the Brewers took a step back from their 2018 and 2019 success. Will they return to form in a full 162 this season? Can anyone keep up with the Cardinals? After adding Nolan Arenado, can the Cardinals move from division favorite to World Series contender? And what should fans be watching for in a rebuilding season from the Pirates? Including voicemail messages from Scott Walters, Richard Gilbert and Jamey Hill! Of course, this full episode is complete with in-depth analysis, over/under picks, win total projections, and plenty more! Subscribe to the Jack Vita Show, and don't miss the rest of our division previews!

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(Photos via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, MLB Trade Rumors, Norm Hall/Getty Images, AP Photos/Jeff Roberson, AP Photos)


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