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2023 MLB Season Preview, World Series Picks, Early 2023 Surprises

After seven weeks away, Jack is FINALLY back to finish off his MLB Season Preview for the 2023 season. Initially slated to record a division preview for each of the six MLB divisions, Jack, however was unable to record while in Arizona for spring training. Thus, he was unable to finish the division preview series after dropping just one episode (American League West).

In the latest episode of the Jack Vita Show, Jack reveals the rest of his division winners and wild card picks. Jack welcomes Sports Spectrum writer and US News reporter Cole Claybourn to the show for the first time, as the two not only share their outlooks for each division, but share some thoughts on the first three weeks of the regular season. Are the Pittsburgh Pirates, Arizona Diamondbacks, Texas Rangers and Chicago Cubs legit? Should St. Louis Cardinals fans be concerned about their team after their rough start to the season? Who do Jack and Cole have winning the World Series in 2023? The two tackle all of these questions, and much, much more on the latest episode of the Jack Vita Show!

American League East (0:00 - 15:20)

American League Central (15:20 - 25:55)

American League West (25:55 - 36:25)

National League East (36:25 - 43:10)

National League Central (43:10 - 1:09:55)

National League West (1:09:55 - END)

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