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'American Ninja Warrior's Parker Gatewood on LeBron and NBA free agency

Parker Gatewood from American Ninja Warrior (season 9) stops by the Jack Vita Show to discuss his journey competing on American Ninja Warrior and bouncing back from falling out of the competition in the early stages (44:20 - END); but not without first discussing LeBron joining his Lakers, the Warriors snagging Boogie Cousins, and a very eventful NBA offseason first (0:00 - 44:20).

Parker discusses how his Christian faith has helped me to regroup and bounce back from his shortcomings, and what we he learned from competing in American Ninja Warrior. Parker is a lifetime Los Angeles Lakers fan, and he ecstatic to see that LeBron James will be coming to his team! He talks with Jack about how and why LeBron chose the Lakers, and how he seems the team takes steps toward contention in the near future. It's an episode you won't want to miss!

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(Image via Parker Gatewood)


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