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20 years later, 'Backyard Baseball 2001' is still one of the best video games of all-time

Jack welcomes friend CJ Revis to the show for a conversation centered around one their favorite video game franchises of all-time, Backyard Baseball.

Together, Jack and CJ discuss what made Backyard Baseball an all-time classic game, including the power-ups, the zany Backyard kids, the pros, the unconventional fields, the simple-yet-wonderful gameplay; everything they love about this great game. Jack and CJ share memories from their childhood, playing Backyard Baseball, and talk about a potential revival for the Humongous Entertainment series in the 2020s.

Full list of players and backyard kids in Backyard Baseball 2001:


Barry Larkin (Cincinnati Reds)

Juan Gonzalez (Detroit Tigers)

Sammy Sosa (Chicago Cubs)

Shawn Green (Los Angeles Dodgers)

Frank Thomas (Chicago White Sox)

Kenny Lofton (Cleveland Indians )

Jose Canseco (Tampa Bay Devil Rays)

Alex Rodriguez (Seattle Mariners)

Curt Schilling (Philadelphia Phillies)

Mark McGwire (St. Louis Cardinals)

Mo Vaughn (Anaheim Angels)

Jeromy Burnitz (Milwaukee Brewers)

Raul Mondesi (Toronto Blue Jays)

Vladimir Guerrero (Montreal Expos)

Jeff Bagwell (Houston Astros)

Nomar Garciaparra (Boston Red Sox)

Barry Bonds (San Francisco Giants)

Jason Giambi (Oakland Athletics)

Larry Walker (Colorado Rockies)

Chipper Jones (Atlanta Braves)

Derek Jeter (New York Yankees)

Mike Piazza (New York Mets)

Tony Gwynn (San Diego Padres)

Alex Gonzalez (Florida Marlins)

Jason Kendall (Pittsburgh Pirates)

Ken Griffey Jr. (Cincinnati Reds)

Carlos Beltran (Kansas City Royals)

Cal Ripken Jr. (Baltimore Orioles)

Ivan Rodriguez (Texas Rangers)

Randy Johnson (Arizona Diamondbacks)

Marty Cordova (Minnesota Twins)

Backyard kids:

Pablo Sanchez

Stephanie Morgan

Dante Robinson

Kiesha Phillips

Kenny Kawaguchi

Ashley Webber

Dmitri Petrovich

Ernie Steele

Kimmy Eckman

Reese Worthington

Mikey Thomas

Ricky Johnson

Tony Delvecchio

Angela Delvecchio

Jocinda Smith

Pete Wheeler

Billy Jean Blackwood

Marky Dubois

Sally Dobbs

Ronny Dobbs

Achmed Khan

Amir Khan

Gretchen Hasselhoff

Annie Frazier

Jorge Garcia

Luanne Lui

Maria Luna

Lisa Crocket

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(Image via Humongous Entertainment/Backyard Baseball 2001)


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