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Big Brother's Rachel Reilly, Survivor's Stephenie LaGrossa talk The Traitors, Snake in the Grass

Big Brother legend Rachel Reilly Villegas joins Survivor legend Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick and average podcaster Jack Vita for a fun conversation on the Jack Vita Show, discussing their time on USA's Snake in the Grass, and previewing their latest adventure: The Traitors, airing on Peacock beginning January 12, 2023.

Rachel won Big Brother 13 in the year 2011. She has also won Fear Factor and Snake in the Grass, and competed on The Amazing Race three times, placing third on two separate seasons.

Stephenie became the last remaining member of her Ulong tribe on Survivor's 10th season, Survivor: Palau. She quickly became one of the biggest fan favorites in the show's history, and was brought back to compete on the very next season, Survivor: Guatemala, where she placed second. She later appeared on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and Snake in the Grass.

Hear about how Stephenie and Rachel became friends after competing against each other on Snake in the Grass. Will they team up and work together this time? Rachel has a strong track record of winning on reality competition shows. Stephenie doesn't. Will Rachel win her fourth different show? Can Stephenie finally pick up the W this time around? Tune in for a very fun conversation with a pair of reality television icons!

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