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Bucs or Chiefs? Previewing the 2021 Super Bowl: Super Bowl 55

With both Jordan Morandini and Chase Beebe OUT this week, Nate Smith slides into the role of cohost for our final NFL Playoff livestream of 2021 on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Jack and Nate also are provided assistance from guest producer Sam Quiat and meteorologist Anthony Franze (Newswest 9 in Midland Texas). Before previewing the big game, Jack and Nate discuss the potential return of EA Sports NCAA Football (0:00​ - 15:25​), the latest shortcomings from Nate's Packers (16:30​ - 19:55​), Super Bowl trivia and more. Anthony provides a weather forecast and his Super Bowl prediction (36:15​ - 41:30​), Sam provides an injury report, Jack and Nate discuss the uphill climb Brady has in front of him and if completed, where it will stack up in terms of his all-time greatest accomplishments, and Jack, Nate, Sam provide their game forecasts (41:30​ - END).

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