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Is Cole Hamels a Hall of Famer? Padres' playoff chances, best Minor League stories with Tim Hagerty

Tim Hagerty has been the play-by-play voice for the El Paso Chihuahuas, the San Diego Padres' Triple-A affiliate team, since their inaugural season in 2014. He has been calling Triple-A games for the Padres since 2008. Tim visits the Jack Vita Show to discuss the Padres' struggles in 2023, the National League Wild Card race, the Hall of Fame candidacy of recently retired Cole Hamels (who signed a minor league contract with the Padres in February), his new book, what makes minor league baseball special, and the greatest minor league baseball stories, many of which very few people know about.

First things first, Jack welcomes Tim to the show to dissect the National League Wild Card race and discuss the chances of the Padres turning it around and sneaking into the playoffs in the final weeks of the season. At the time of recording, the Padres are 60-66, 5.5 games back of the third National League Wild Card, currently owned by the San Francisco Giants. The Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks, San Francisco Giants, Cincinnati Reds, Miami Marlins and Padres are all in the hunt for the three NL Wild Cards.

Cole Hamels inked a minor league contract with the Padres in February. He had hoped to pitch at Triple-A El Paso, before returning to the big leagues this summer. Hamels was unable to complete his comeback attempt. Dealing with pain and undisclosed injuries, Hamels remained in Peoria, Arizona at the Padres' spring training complex, until he announced his retirement earlier this month. Hamels is a World Series MVP, a World Series champion and a four-time All-Star. Is he a Hall of Famer? Tim and Jack examine his Hall of Fame case and compare it to that of other pitchers from his era.

Later on, Tim shares some of the greatest stories from minor league baseball. How about the time that a player once got traded for a plate of beans? Or the time that a wild bull ran out onto the field? Wouldn't you like to hear about the 200-mile home run? Tim recently released a book, Tales from the Dugout: 1,001 Humorous, Inspirational and Wild Anecdotes from Minor League Baseball. Tim gives us a little taste of the crazy stories you can read about in his book, in a fun episode of the Jack Vita Show! You can purchase it on Amazon here.

Padres' playoff chances, NL Wild Card race (0:00 - 21:00)

Cole Hamels' retirement and Hall of Fame case (21:00 - 41:30)

Tim's broadcasting career, best minor league baseball stories (41:30 - END)

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