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NFL Conference Championship weekend recap, MTV's 'The Challenge' through six episodes

Jack welcomes New Trier and Indiana University alum Grant Forsyth to the Jack Vita Show for the first time, to recap the NFL Conference Championship games and the first six episodes of MTV's The Challenge.

The weekend was highlighted by a number of questionable coaching and officiating decisions. Grant and Jack break down Green Bay Packers' head coach Matt Lafleur's decision to kick a field goal on fourth down, down 8, the Packers' most recent shortcomings, the resiliency of Brady, and a questionable pass interference call (0:00 - 33:10). Later, they discuss how the Buffalo Bills looked outmatched vs. the Kansas City Chiefs, the brilliance of Andy Reid, the incredible career of Tyrann Mathieu, the Bills' need for a running game, and more (33:10 - 49:25). Grant takes an early look at the Super Bowl match-up, explores interesting story lines and makes his Super Bowl pick (49:25 - 56:30). Jack and Grant then talk Super Bowl halftime acts (56:30 - 1:06:55) and the latest from MTV's The Challenge (1:06:55 - END). Did Jay and Theresa make the right move, turning on Kam, in last week's episode of The Challenge? How are the rookies looking, which returnees have impressed, and what comes next on The Challenge: Double Agents?

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