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Could Angels trade Mike Trout? Texas Rangers' collapse; Cody Bellinger, Aaron Nola price tags

Top news breaker and longtime USA Today national baseball writer Bob Nightengale returns to the Jack Vita Show to discuss the latest happenings from around the world of baseball.

Bob reported Sunday that the Los Angeles Angels are open to trading Mike Trout, if Trout tells the front office that he wants out. Bob explains and provides further information. Could the Angels possibly lose Trout and Shohei Ohtani this winter? Bob weighs in on the Angels' chances of re-signing Ohtani, and details what has gone wrong for the Halos since the trade deadline. Did Ohtani's torn UCL injury increase or decrease the Angels' chances of re-signing the 2021 AL MVP?

Bob also shares the latest on Cody Bellinger's looming free agency. A month and a half ago, he told the Jack Vita Show that there was "zero chance" the Cubs re-signed Bellinger. Has that changed in the time since we last spoke? What teams can we expect to be in play for Bellinger this winter, and what is the price tag going to look like for a Bellinger contract? Bob and Jack discuss Bellinger's incredible impact on the Cubs in 2023, along with the recent call-up of top outfield prospect Pete Crow-Armstrong. What will the Cubs' outfield look like moving into the future?

Bob and Jack whip the ball around the horn, breaking down the NL Wild Card race, the collapse of the Texas Rangers, why the Cleveland Guardians and San Diego Padres were such huge disappointments this season, Terry Francona and Craig Counsell's futures, a potential price tag on Aaron Nola's next contract, and much more!

You can follow Bob on Twitter (@BNightengale) and check out his latest story at USA Today, where he sat down with Mark McGwire and reflected on the 1998 home run chase.

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