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Dr. Sean Kenniff dishes on Survivor: Borneo, alphabet voting strategy

Dr. Sean Kenniff is a neurologist and was a castaway on the first season of Survivor, Survivor: Borneo, on which he finished in fifth place.

On the latest episode of the Jack Vita Show, Sean joins Jack to discuss his time on reality television and share what he has been up to in the 22 years since he appeared on Survivor's first season.

The first season of Survivor, which aired in the summer of 2000, was a national phenomenon. 53 million people tuned in to the show's season finale, where Richard Hatch was awarded the million dollar prize. The show was such a huge success, it laid the groundwork for the franchise to create 42 more seasons, and counting, as Survivor has been on the air for over 22.5 years. Cast members from the first season became household names overnight, rubbing elbows with A-list celebrities at red carpet events. Sean shares about his experiences after the show, and how Survivor launched him to a career as a medical reporter at CBS. He also discusses what led him to applying for Survivor, what he hoped to get out of the experience, and how the cameras shaped his on-camera persona and strategy.

Sean dishes on his alphabet voting strategy. Why did he vote alphabetically? Sean explains the genius of the alphabet strategy. Sean also spills secrets about the first season of Survivor. Did production play a factor in the exit of Stacey Stillman? Sean shares his take and his experiences, pertaining to the Stacey Stillman lawsuit. Why didn't anybody outside of the 'Tagi 4' form an alliance? Has Sean been asked to return to Survivor?

Along the way, Sean and Jack talk life, and Sean shares how he became a Christian and why his relationship with Jesus is important to his life.

Sean recently created a new product, 'The Jerk at Work' doll. Sean shares about the creation and invention of his new product that he is rolling out this holiday season. Get your own in time for the holidays:

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