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Former Colorado Rockies GM, MLB Network Analyst Dan O’Dowd Talks Moneyball, Executive Career, Faith

Former Colorado Rockies' general manger and current MLB Network analyst Dan O'Dowd visits the Jack Vita Show to reflect on his career working in baseball, break down the latest Major League Baseball news, and share about his strong Christian faith.

O'Dowd was the Rockies' GM from September 1999 to October 2014. In his time as the club's GM, the Rockies won the 2007 National League Pennant and went to the World Series, falling to the Boston Red Sox.

Prior to being named the Rockies' GM, O'Dowd spent 12 years (1987 - 1998) as the assistant general manager of the Cleveland Indians, working under executive John Hart. During that time, the Indians won four American League Central division titles (1995 - 1998), making two World Series appearances, in 1995 and 1997.

Since turning down a contract extension to remain with the Rockies in 2014, O'Dowd has served as an analyst on MLB Network, appearing on popular shows such as MLB Tonight, MLB Central, High Heat, MLB Now and The Rundown.

Dan joins Jack to reflect on his time working with the Rockies and Indians, sharing stories from his experience working in two MLB front offices. Dan talks about what it was like working for the Indians at the time that the 1989 film Major League was released. As a real life friend of Oakland Athletics' executive president Billy Beane's, he also shares his thoughts on another baseball movie: Moneyball. Just how true is Moneyball to reality?

Dan also tackles some of the latest MLB news with Jack. What are Dan's thoughts on Major League Baseball shrinking the size of September active rosters from 40 to 28 players in recent years? If the Major League Baseball Players Association does represent minor league players moving forward, what will that mean? What could it entail for the future of minor league baseball?

Dan puts several of today's teams and farm systems under the microscope and shares which teams he would buy stock in moving into 2023. Dan and Jack discuss the Cubs' rebuild. Should the team be active this winter in free agency, or wait a little longer for more of the organization's young talent to reach the Major League level?

Later, Dan shares the story behind his incredible Christian faith. How did he come to know Jesus, and why is his faith so important to him?

Check out Dan's booming tech company WIN Reality, which simulates a virtual reality experience for baseball and softballs hitters, in order to improve their swings.

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