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Garrett Powell on Tom Brady's retirement, Brian Flores, MLB Hall of Fame, Bengals-Rams Super Bowl

Former Bachelorette star, current golf pro and fan favorite on the Jack Vita Show Garrett Powell returns to the show in the wake of Tom Brady announcing his retirement.

Garrett is a lifelong Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan and along with Jack, discusses how he thinks Brady arrived at his decision to move on, his impact on the sport of football, and what happens next for the Bucs at the quarterback position. Garrett and Jack recap the weekend's AFC and NFC conference championship games, talk storylines entering Super Bowl 56, Matthew Stafford's underrated (Hall of Fame?) career, Joe Burrow's swag, what did the Chiefs in and more. Later, they talk Jim Harbaugh potentially leaving Michigan for the NFL, Brian Flores' lawsuit against the NFL, MLB Hall of Fame voting (and the age-old steroid question - is the Hall broken?) and Garrett's confrontation with Luke P on their two-on-one date on The Bachelorette (Hannah Brown's season).

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(Image via The Bachelorette/ABC, Jim Davis/Boston Globe and Denny Medley/USA Today Sports)


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