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Jon Root talks Super Bowl LVI, MLB lockout, Christian faith

Jon Root (@JonnyRoot on Twitter and Instagram), host of the sports show Breakaway on Turning Point USA and former San Jose Sharks' in-arena host, visits the Jack Vita Show to chat about Major League Baseball's lockout, a flurry of NFL head coaching changes across the sport, how we could improve the Pro Bowl, storylines entering Super Bowl LVI, his Christian faith and the importance of reading the Bible, and plenty more along the way!

With spring training scheduled to start in a matter of days, what gives? Why doesn't Major League Baseball have a deal in place for the 2022 season? Between the players and the owners, who is responsible for this mess? Jon and Jack share which NFL head coach hires they are the most intrigued by, and which ones raise the most questions. Jon shares about his recent conversation with Rams' long snapper and former college teammate Matthew Orzech from his latest latest episode of Breakaway, as he and Jack provide their Super Bowl picks. Lastly, Jon discusses the importance of reading the Bible and finding hope in his relationship with Jesus Christ, in a time when people don't know where to find hope. Join us for a very fun and enlightening conversation you won't be able to find anywhere else!

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