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Bama and OSU roll ACC's best, Tom Herman OUT, Heisman selections and more

On the second day of 2021, Jack is joined by Andrew Stem, sports reporter at the Omaha World-Herald, to recap the College Football Playoff semifinals.

Justin Fields and Ohio State sent a message loud and clear to the rest of the country on Friday night: the Buckeyes are to be taken seriously. Clemson and Notre Dame disappointed. The ACC was finished 0-6 in bowl play. Was the ACC overrated? Scratch that, was the ACC good this season? The Alabama Crimson Tide continued to roll, and a National Championship is now set. Andrew and Jack discuss takeaways from the 2021 CFP semifinal and bowl season. They also share their Heisman selections and continue discussing the case for an expanded College Football Playoff. What are the arguments for and against expanding the Playoff? Why might an expanded playoff field be better for the sport?

Check out Andrew Stem's latest work at the Omaha World-Herald.

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(Image via Chuck Cook/USA TODAY Sports)


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