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Marquee Sports Network's Elise Menaker talks Cubs, Seiya Suzuki, New Trier High School

Elise Menaker (@EliseMenaker on Twitter and Instagram) is a reporter, analyst and host on the Big Ten Network as well as the Chicago Cubs' television network, Marquee Sports Network.

She played softball professionally in Sweden, is a member of the Cornell Athletics Hall of Fame, and last year made history as a member of the second-ever all-women Major League Baseball broadcast, when she, Melanie Newman and Alanna Rizzo called the Cubs-White Sox game on YouTube last summer. Elise also attended New Trier Township High School in Winnetka, Illinois, the same high school Jack attended!

Elise and Jack talk New Trier (which happens to be the high school Mean Girls was based off of), Elise's broadcasting career, women in sports broadcasting, the Cubs' start to their season, the emergence of Seiya Suzuki, Miguel Cabrera getting his 3,000th hit, Albert Pujols' final season, the Mets' impressive start, an ugly scene from Saturday's Yankees-Guardians game, and plenty more baseball along the way!

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(Image via Marquee Sports Network and Matt Freed/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)


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