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2018 conference tournament talk with Evan Myers

In the first EVER episode of The Jack Vita Show (previously known as 'Press On Sports'), blogger Evan Myers visits the show to recap the 2018 Big Ten Tournament, talk bracketology, mid-majors, upcoming conference tournament action, and more!

Evan and Jack take a close look at where things stand in the world of college basketball, one week out from Selection Sunday. Evan has been working on rankings and bracketology all season long, so naturally, he has a lot of insights into college hoops with just a week remaining in the season.

Michigan won the Big Ten championship game at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, taking down the Purdue Boilermakers. Jack and Evan recap the game, as well as the Big Ten Tournament, sharing their takeaways from the past week, and discussing the strengths and weaknesses of Big Ten teams entering the NCAA Tournament. They also spotlight the mid-major conference tournaments fans should keep an eye on during championship week.

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(Image via Kirthman F. Dozier / Detroit Free Press)


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