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MLB 2020: forecasting the teams in the 2020 MLB playoff bracket

At last, Jack and Jordan Morandini have reached the conclusion of the Jack Vita Show MLB Preview Series, five months in the making!

But before they reveal their postseason picks, Jack and Jordan discuss watching old sports games during quarantine and the differences that exist in leagues between the past and present (0:00 - 17:04), the significance of sports' return and the challenges leagues will need to overcome (17:04 - 26:26), the Blue Jays' search for a 2020 home (26:26 -30:30) and MLB players opting out of the 2020 season (30:30 - 35:25). Later, Jack and Jordan discuss the impact of a 60-game season. Does it change any of the predictions they made months earlier? Jack and Jordan revise some old picks, share their playoff picks and World Series predictions! (35:25 - END). Which team will win it all in 2020? Tune in to find out!

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(Image via Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)


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