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Dave Dombrowski's exile from Boston, Antonio Brown drama, and MLB Wild Card races

Jamey Hill returns to the Jack Vita Show to discuss the latest from the AL and NL wild card races, Dave Dombrowski's exile from Boston, the Braves closing in on catching up with the Dodgers, and plenty more from around Major League Baseball.

But first, they break down the weekend's Antonio Brown saga and the Raiders' Week 1 statement victory on Monday Night Football.

2019 NFL Week 1 scores:

Green Bay Packers 10, Chicago Bears 3

Kansas City Chiefs 40, Jacksonville Jaguars 26

Minnesota Vikings 28, Atlanta Falcons 12

Tennessee Titans 43, Cleveland Browns 13

Buffalo Bills 17, New York Jets 16

Baltimore Ravens 59, Miami Dolphins 10

Philadelphia Eagles 32, Washington Redskins 27

Los Angeles Rams 30, Carolina Panthers 27

Los Angeles Chargers 30, Indianapolis Colts 24

Seattle Seahawks 21, Cincinnati Bengals 20

Dallas Cowboys 35, New York Giants 17

San Francisco 49ers 31, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17

Detroit Lions 27, Arizona Cardinals 27 (TIE)

New England Patriots 33, Pittsburgh Steelers 3

New Orleans Saints 30, Houston Texans 28

Oakland Raiders 24, Denver Broncos 16

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(Photo via Josh Reynolds/Associated Press)


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