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NBC's Deal or No Deal Island S1 E4 "Are You Intuitive?" recap with Survivor: Guatemala's Brooke Struck

Survivor: Guatemala contestant Brooke Struck and Jack Vita are back to recap the fourth episode of NBC's new hit reality competition show, Deal or No Deal Island!

Each week, Brooke and Jack will be recapping the latest episode of Deal or No Deal Island. Later in the week, Jack will provide an exit interview with the most recent contestant eliminated from Deal or No Deal Island.

Episode 4, "Are You Intuitive?" picks up where episode 3 left off, with the elimination of Claudia. Kim continues to target Boston Rob, and now Amy is going after the Robfather.

The contestants split into two separate teams for the challenge. A heroic effort from Alyssa and Aron earns their tribe immunity, protecting Miranda, Jordan and Amy from elimination. As the team's captain, Amy has the power to select which contestant from the losing team will go into elimination. Sensing that he could very easily be picked off by someone else if they were to win a Deal or No Deal game, Rob volunteers to go into elimination. With Amy's sights set on giving Rob the boot, she accepts Rob's proposition. Rob takes a gamble, and it pays off. He then sends Kim packing.

Before sending the contestants back to camp, Joe asks the group which player they believe to be the most trustworthy. Aron is collectively agreed upon as the recipient of the title, and he is told to stay back while the rest of the contestants retreat to camp. Aron is nervous about this sudden twist of fate, as the episode reaches its end.

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