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NBC's Deal or No Deal Island S1 E3 "Are You Fearless?" recap with Survivor: Guatemala's Brooke Struck

Days after Peacock's The Traitors wrapped up in a historic finale, Jack is back to recap another show on the Jack Vita Show!

Jack will be recapping Deal or No Deal Island each week with his cohost, Brooke Struck! They will also be providing exit interviews with the eliminated contestants each week, all season long.

Brooke competed on Survivor: Guatemala in the fall of 2005. Brooke started the game in the majority alliance on the Nakum tribe and was set up to be a prominent figure on the season. In the fourth episode, she fell victim to a tribe swap, and was outnumbered on her newly remade Nakum tribe. Our Traitors recap cohost Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick voted Brooke out, making her the fourth boot on Day 11 of Survivor: Guatemala! Brooke now works as an attorney, specializing in family law.

Brooke and Jack record their first recap, dissecting the third episode of Deal or No Deal Island, "Are You Fearless?". The episode opens with the cast sitting around after Kim has won the most recent Deal or No Deal game and eliminated Jamil. Kim made a comment during the game directed at Boston Rob and his alliance, saying that she was going to "kick [their] ass". Rob calls Kim out in front of the group, saying that it wasn't necessary for her to make things personal like that. The rest of the cast reacts, piling onto Kim. Rob reveals in a confessional that he did not actually take Kim's comment personally, but he was using it against her to paint a greater target on her.

Kim confides in Alissa, who she believes in an ally of hers. Kim calls Rob and Claudia a bad word (or words), and Alissa uses this against Kim to further throw her under the bus, informing Rob. Word spreads, and it appears that the group has collectively agreed to take out Kim the next chance that they get. Stephanie catches wind of the plan, and she isn't on-board with it.

At the challenge, Stephanie gains the ability to steal a case from anybody. Initially she indicates that she plans to take Rob's million-dollar, first-place case. This would take immunity from Rob and drop the Survivor icon into the bottom two, leaving him up for elimination. Soon, a gigantic argument breaks out. Rob reveals to the group that he is unhappy about the remarks that Kim made earlier to Alissa. Claudia is upset. In the middle of this argument, Claudia volunteers for Stephanie to take her case instead of Rob's, risking her own future in the game. Stephanie reluctantly accepts Claudia's offer, leaving Rob immune and putting Stephanie in-danger of going home. Claudia and Aron finish in the bottom two, and Rob selects Claudia to face the banker.

Claudia gets down to three cases. One case contains $0.01, another contains $175,000 and the final case contains $500,000. She is offered $180,000 by the banker, giving her a 2/3 shot of beating the banker and living to see another day. Claudia accepts the deal, and unfortunately for her, her case contains $500,000. She is eliminated from the game, becoming the season's first player to lose to the banker.

Brooke and Jack break it all down, sharing their thoughts on the latest episode of Deal or No Deal Island, as well as the show's concept as a whole!

Claudia will visit the Jack Vita Show later this week for her exit interview, as we will be providing exit interviews with the cast all season long. Make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel, so that you don't miss it.

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