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2019-2020 NFL playoffs: wild card weekend preview

Jack rings in the new year with Jordan Morandini, as they preview the first round of the NFL playoffs and look back on their preseason predictions.

Which picks hit the mark, and which picks were dead wrong? What is the most intriguing match-up of Wild Card Weekend? Full game previews for all four of the weekend's game. Including previews of the following games: New England Patriots-Tennessee Titans, Houston Texans-Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings-New Orleans Saints, and Philadelphia Eagles-Seattle Seahawks.

We'll be back next week, recapping the wild card round of the playoffs and previewing the divisional round! Subscribe to the Jack Vita Show, so you don't miss out on our upcoming content, as we'll be covering the NFL playoffs in their entirety.

NFL wild card playoffs games:

#5 Seattle Seahawks at #4 Philadelphia Eagles

#6 Minnesota Vikings at #3 New Orleans Saints

#6 Tennessee Titans at #3 New England Patriots

#5 Buffalo Bills at #4 Houston Texans

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(Photo via USA Today)


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