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NFL Playoffs preview: Super Wild Card Weekend, coaching carousel, National Championship recap

Jake Paliga returns to the Jack Vita Show to break down the College Football Playoff national championship game (0:00 - 19:30) and Sunday Night Football's near-tie game that almost sent both the Raiders and the Chargers to the playoffs (19:30 - 30:10), talk NFL coaching and front office firings from "Black Monday" (30:10 - 47:45), and preview the Super Wild Card Weekend of the NFL Playoffs (47:45 - END).

Along the way, they discuss the Vikings', Bears', Dolphins', Jaguars', Seahawks and Giants' situations, as each team enters the offseason with a number of questions. What are Jack and Jake's thoughts on the firings of Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy, Joe Judge and Brian Flores, and what happens next for the franchises they are departing? Will Russell Wilson or Kirk Cousins be moved this offseason? Jack and Jake also rank this weekend's games from "Super Wild Card Weekend", and give their picks for the weekend.

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(Photo via The Athletic)


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