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NFL Week 5, college football week 6 recap; Jack's top 25 NCAA football rankings for Week 7

After two weeks off, Jack is back for another football episode of the Jack Vita Show!

This week, he welcomes Fort Wayne NBC News anchor Jack Keenan to the show to recap everything from NFL Week 5 (0:00 - 51:25) and the sixth week of the college football season (51:25 - END), including: Russell Wilson having finger surgery and missing the next four to eight weeks, the Bears winning two straight with Justin Fields as their starting QB, Alabama falling to Texas A&M, Spencer Rattler hitting the bench vs. Texas and OU freshman Caleb Williams leading the Sooners to a Red Rivalry Showdown victory in Austin, Ohio State getting back on track(?), Jack's first ever top 25 rankings, dark horse teams that could play spoiler down the stretch, and much, much more!

Jack's top 25 NCAA football rankings for week 7:

1) Georgia

2) Iowa

3) Cincinnati

4) Oklahoma

5) Michigan

6) Alabama

7) Penn State

8) Oregon

9) Ohio State

10) Michigan State

11) Kentucky

12) Ole Miss

13) Oklahoma State

14) Coastal Carolina

15) BYU

16) Arizona State

17) Arkansas

18) Notre Dame

19) Florida

20) Baylor

21) Wake Forest

22) Texas A&M

23) SMU

24) San Diego State

25) Texas

Check back next week for Jack's week 8 top 25 rankings!

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