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The NHL's return, MLB negotiations, universal DH, and NBA at Disney World

Jordan Morandini returns to the Jack Vita Show to discuss the return of sports!

Golf's "The Match" scored big in the ratings department on Sunday. We share some thoughts on the biggest sporting event since March (8:20 - 11:30). The NHL has preliminary plans to come back, will it pave the way for the return of other leagues? (11:30 - 20:40). In order for Major League Baseball to have a season in 2020, the players and owners must reach an agreement on number of games, salary, etc. Will a deal get done? We discuss potential solutions, brainstorm ideas and estimate a logical deadline for an agreement to be met (20:40 - 38:40). The MLB is floating around the idea of having a universal designated hitter and adding four more teams to its postseason. We share our thoughts on the DH (warning: anti-DH rant incoming!), ideas for changing the All-Star Game and World Series, and we discuss the prospect of expanded playoffs (38:40 - 1:18:18).

Next, the NBA. Will we get basketball this summer, and what will it look like? Is Disney World the right host for the postseason? (1:18:18 - 1:37:05). If the MLB and NBA don't return in 2020, what teams from both sports are hurt the most? What teams could benefit from a shortened season? Are there strategies that teams may attempt to capitalize on, that they otherwise wouldn't in a full season?

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