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Ohio State, Packers in trouble? College football week 2, NFL week 1 recap

Jack welcomes back Paul Oren to the Jack Vita Show to recap Week 1 of NFL action and Week 2 of the college football season. First, Paul and Jack chat about the conclusion of the Greatest Sports Movie of All-Time bracket and Jack's first trip to Wrigley since the trade deadline, as he attended Friday's game: Kris Bryant's first return to Wrigley after being traded to the Giants (0:00 - 10:15). Then, they shift their attention to the NFL's opening weekend. Who were Paul's Week 1 winners and losers? Jack provides a quick recap of all the week's scores, then he and PO dive headfirst into the week's top stories (10:15 - 57:55). Paul is a diehard Green Bay Packers fan. Is he still R-E-L-A-X'ed after the Packers' embarrassing Week 1 showing vs. the Saints, or is he hitting the panic button? What were the biggest surprises of Week 1? Jack shares his thoughts on the Steelers' impressive victory in Buffalo. Jack and Paul provide a defense of Urban Meyer and run through all the week's games and stories. Later, they recap the second week of the college football season (57:55 - END), a week that saw the no. 3 Ohio State Buckeyes and no. 9 Iowa State Cyclones lose at home. Could this spell the end of Ohio State's era of dominance? What does head coach Ryan Day have to prove this season and next? Jack's preseason top 4 has now entered the AP's top 4, setting up for Jack's projected College Football Playoff bracket. Jack and PO take a look at the top 25 rankings and PO airs his grievances with the College Football Playoff system.

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(Photos via Tommy Gilligan/USA TODAY Sports and Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch)


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