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Gary Sheffield Jr. on Tony La Russa drama, no-hitters, Phil's PGA Championship and more

Jack is pleased to welcome rising sports media star and writer at, Gary Sheffield Jr., to the podcast, to help recap the weekend that was in the world of sports.

Phil Mickelson has shocked the world and won the PGA Championship at the age of 50 (0:00 - 12:20); Gary and Jack share their thoughts. Then, they make way for a lengthy discussion centered around the Chicago White Sox and manager Tony La Russa, who received a lot of criticism over the last week following some comments he made after Yermin Mercedes swung through a take sign on a 3-0 count in the 9th inning of a blowout of the Twins. Jack feels that some of the media's coverage of the incident (and the ensuing takes that came shortly after) were overblown, and that the Sox are in a great spot. What does Gary think (12:20 - 40:35)? Up next, we had two no-hitters thrown last week, on back-to-back nights. What gives with all the no-no's, and how does the league's abundance of no-hitters reflect upon the state of the game of baseball (40:35 - 52:40)? The Tampa Bay Rays made a surprising deal on Friday, shipping shortstop Willy Adames to the Milwaukee Brewers; will we see baseball's no. 1 prospect Wander Franco at the major league level soon, as the Rays stretch their win-streak to 10 (52:40 - 57:55)? Then, Gary and Jack run through the weekend's scores from across the league, and recap some stories you may have missed, including Pujols' first week with the Dodgers, Scott Kazmir's first MLB appearance since 2016, Shohei Ohtani losing velocity on his fastball, and Christian Yelich's return to the Brewers' lineup. Along the way, they also chat about potential trade deadline buyers and sellers, the Mets' recent slide, the Braves' potential to turn the corner, and much, much more!

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(Photos via Outkick and Getty Images)

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