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Previewing the 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Jack is joined by Sam Quiat in attempt to help new hockey fans get acquainted with the NHL's exhilarating 24-team playoff, beginning later this week, to preview the 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff format and bracket. They preview the early round play and matchups, prior to the start of play later this week. If you're a new hockey fan, find out which bandwagon team you should get behind.

Sam provides everything you need to know for these playoffs (16:30 - END)! But before Jack welcomes Sam to the program, Jack address some baseball news. At the 11th hour, Major League Baseball has expanded its playoff field to 16 teams (eight in each league). Jack reveals Jordan Morandini's updated MLB playoff team selections and shares his own (0:00 - 16:30). Which teams will make the cut in the new playoff format, and how will an expanded playoff field impact the 2020 season?

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(Image via NHL)


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