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Big Brother 22, MTV's The Challenge, Best 2000s Kids Show Bracket, and Survivor's cancellation

Jack welcomes Rachel Gerhardt back to the Jack Vita Show for an overdue conversation on the impact of COVID-19 in the 2020 reality TV landscape. First, however, Jack and Rachel provide commentary on the first two rounds of the Best 2000s Kids Show bracket and preview the Sweet 16.

Big Brother 22 is in session, Survivor 41 has been delayed and The Challenge 36 is set to start filming soon. Jack and Rachel weigh in on the first four weeks of Big Brother 22, the cancellation of Survivor, the potential cast for The Challenge 36, a look-back at the conclusion of The Challenge: Total Madness, and the future for all these franchises. Lastly, they discuss reality TV rewatches and binges they have experienced over quarantine, courtesy of Paramount Plus, which is now home to every season of Big Brother and Survivor, as well as a number of classic seasons of The Challenge, The Real World, Jersey Shore, Are You the One? and a number of other reality shows! You can get a free one-week trial for Paramount Plus at the following link:

You can check out the latest on the GOAT Kids Show Bracket here.

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