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Greatest Christmas movies, COVID-19, Cubs’ offseason, CFP, NFL Week 13, MTV's The Challenge premiere

After taking a full week off, Jack is back in action, with Rachel Gerhardt!

First, Jack has some personal news: he has COVID-19! Jack shares his experience with Covid and helps provide encouragement to the listeners wanting to know more about the illness (0:00 - 10:55). Then, Rachel and Jack dive head first into the GOAT Christmas Movie Bracket, currently taking place on and Jack's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What were the biggest surprises in round one, and who will advance to the Elite Eight (10:55 - 30:40)? With the MLB offseason taking shape, Rachel and Jack discuss the Cubs' most recent departures (Kyle Schwarber, Albert Almora Jr. and play-by-play man Len Kasper), along with the White Sox' latest acquisitions. Will some fans from the North Side be shifting their attention to the club on the South Side (30:40 - 52:40)? Jack discusses his updated pick for "College Football Game of the Year" and the latest in the College Football Playoff hunt (52:40 - 58:40). Rachel and Jack recap some headlines from NFL Week 13, including the Bears' latest shortcomings, the MVP race, and the Steelers' first loss (52:40 - 1:10:10). Lastly, they preview the upcoming season of MTV's The Challenge (premiering Wednesday, December 9) and discuss the latest from the world of reality TV (1:10:10 - END).

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(Image via Justin Berl/Associated Press)

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