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Robert "Bam" Nieves talks Peacock's 'The Traitors', Syracuse football career, faith

35 year-old sales executive and licensed NBA agent Robert "Bam" Nieves recently competed on Peacock's Emmy Award-nominated reality competition show, The Traitors. Four years ago, he appeared on the Netflix dating show, Dating Around. Prior to his time on reality television, he played running back for the Syracuse Orangemen football team from 2006 through 2010. Now, Bam visits the Jack Vita Show for the first time to discuss his time on The Traitors, his football career, his love for sports, his life and his Christian faith.

Bam suffered an unfortunate fate on The Traitors, as he was the second contestant murdered from the castle and the third player eliminated, in Episode 3. Bam had a close bond with Christian de la Torre, who proved to be a traitor, in every sense of the word. Christian played a critical role in the murder of Bam. Bam tells his side of the story on the Jack Vita Show. What was his plan, what went wrong for him, and what might have he done differently, if given a do-over?

What were Bam's thoughts on the celebrities and reality television veterans that he competed alongside, such as Rachel Reilly Villegas, Brandi Glanville, Kyle Cooke, Ryan Lochte, Arie Ludendyk Jr., Cody Calafiore and Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick? What about his fellow newbies? Who did Bam click with, and who has he since developed good friendships with, since competing on The Traitors, in Scotland? Bam provides a peak behind the curtain, and shares some information about what didn't make the air. Find out why Bam was convinced early on that Cody was a traitor. Bam shares his casting story and tells all on The Traitors.

Word on the street is that The Traitors Season 2 will be all celebrities. What are Bam's thoughts on the potential format? And what athletes would Bam like to see compete on Season 2?

Later on, Bam and Jack talk some sports. Bam reflects on his football career and time playing at Syracuse University, where he was teammates with future Super Bowl champion and two-time All Pro defensive end Chandler Jones. Bam has a great story of the first time he met two-time All-Pro running back LeSean McCoy, in high school! Bam and Jack discuss how the NFL and NBA have changed over the last 20 years. Jack details why his interest in both leagues has waned, as he has shifted more of his focus to college football and college basketball. Meanwhile, Bam defends the current state of the NBA. After all, he is a licensed NBA agent! Bam also discusses his work as an agent, and how he has helped bring talented athletes over from Africa, to the United States. Along the way, Jack and Bam debate the legacy of players that switch teams, and rehash the old Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady conversation. They also weigh in on what they believe Shohei Ohtani's future holds, as the MLB trade deadline quickly approaches, with Ohtani in the final year of his contract with the Los Angeles Angels.

Lastly, Bam discusses his Christian faith and how he made attending church each Sunday a part of his weekly routine, and the impact it has since had on his life!

You can follow Bam on Instagram (@robert_bam_nieves)!

The Traitors (0:00 - 1:13:15)

Bam's football career, LeSean McCoy story, NBA, NFL and MLB talk (1:13:15 - 1:43:30)

Bam's sports agency, philanthropy and Christian faith (1:43:30 - END)

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