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The legacy of Patricia Heaton, ABC's 'The Middle'; recapping series finale

After nine years, ABC's The Middle has finally met its ending.

We said goodbye to the Heck family in an emotional series finale.

Longtime watcher of The Middle, and Jack's friend Alex Stoll visits the Jack Vita Show to recap and review the show's finale. Was it the right way to end the show? What were their thoughts on the finale, and final season of the Patricia Heaton's classic, long-running family sitcom?

Together, they also take a look back at their favorite moments, characters and relatable life lessons from the series. They also discuss why the show worked so well and clicked with so many people, if it was the right time to end the series and move on, how Axl's arc on The Middle helped Jack succeed in college and become a better student, what other valuable life lessons the show taught to its viewers, and much, much more!

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(Photo via Disney/ABC)


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