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The MLB Hall of Fame cases for Curt Schilling, Jeff Kent and others

Jack welcomes back Jake Paliga to the Jack Vita Show for a discussion centered around the MLB Hall of Fame voting. No new members will be inducted in 2021.

Jack and Jake examine the curious case of Curt Schilling (0:00 - 13:45) and the cases of overlooked HOF candidates, including Andruw Jones, Jeff Kent, Billy Wagner, Scott Rolen, Todd Helton, Tim Hudson, Andy Pettite, Mark Buehrle and others (13:45 - 36:25). As of now, there will be no designated hitter added to the National League or expanded playoff format for the 2021 season. Jake and Jack discuss this news and share ideas for the future of the game, including expanding the league to 32 teams and updated stakes for the All-Star Game (36:25 - 46:40). The Hot Stove is heating up, with stars JT Realmuto and Marcus Semien signing contracts yesterday. Where might Marcell Ozuna wind up, and how might the Braves replace his bat, if he were to leave (46:40 - END)?

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(Photo via Fox News)


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