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The most disappointing pro and college teams of the 21st century

Thanks to COVID, sports still aren't being played, but that's not stopping CJ Revis from visiting the Jack Vita Show (via Skype call - that's right, we're social distancing and being careful!) to count down the most disappointing teams of the new millennium with Jack!

Together, they run through some sports history and take a look at a number of teams (from the year 2000 to now) that never quite measured up to expectations. Between the 2011 "dream team" Philadelphia Eagles, the Dwight Howard, Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant 2012-13 Los Angeles Lakers, the 2004 "nightmare" Team USA basketball, and the 2019 Philadelphia Phillies, there have been quite a few underachievers at both the professional and college level. Jack and CJ run through a list of 20+ teams that fit the criteria! Listen in, and help us decide who is the most disappointing team of all-time! Tweet @jackvitashow with your selection!

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(Photo via Michael Perez/Associated Press)


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