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Tyree Thomas on the fall of the Steelers and Seahawks, NFL on Nickelodeon, and Wild Card weekend

Jack welcomes guest Tyree Thomas Jr. (@tyreethomasjr on Instagram) to the show for the first time for a full recap of Wild Card weekend.

First, they share their preliminary thoughts on Super Wild Card Weekend and the expansion of 12 playoff teams to 14 (6:00 - 9:30) and Nickelodeon's first ever live sports broadcast (9:30 - 18:00). How did the Nickelodeon broadcast function, and could we see more sports broadcasts on cable children's networks (like NFL on Nickelodeon) in the future? Then, they assess the Bears' most-recent playoff shortcomings and what a Chicago offseason could look like this spring (18:00 - 26:25), the collapse of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Browns' shocking playoff win (26:25 - 40:36), and pinpointing the Seahawks' offensive struggles in Saturday's loss to the Rams (40:36 - 49:33). How much blame should Russell Wilson receive? Up next: the surging Tampa Bay Bucs and an impressive performance from Washington's Taylor Heinicke (49:33 - 54:36), and Lamar Jackson's first playoff win (1:00:52 - 1:04:50). Finally, Tyree shares his Divisional round picks and previews Monday's National Championship game with Jack (1:04:50 - 1:11:52), weighs in on Jim Harbaugh's extension (1:11:52 - 1:14:34) and Michigan men's basketball's hot start (1:14:34 - 1:15:50). Subscribe to the show wherever podcasts are found, and get our newsletter at!

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(Image via Keith B. Srakocic / AP)


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