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Vote in the Greatest Christmas Movie of All-Time bracket!

Beginning Tuesday, The Jack Vita Show will be running a 32-movie tournament that will crown the greatest Christmas movie of all-time.

Using feedback from Twitter and Instagram users, I compiled a bracket of the 32-most requested films for the tournament. I did my best to try to seed movies based on their relevancy, popularity and cultural impact. I understand that I most likely did not craft the perfect bracket, but I hope it is a bracket that people will enjoy! Our last bracket ("The GOAT Kids Show of the 2000s Bracket") was a huge success, and one that my audience really seemed to enjoy, so I'm very excited to be bringing another bracket to the people, just in time for the holidays.

How can people vote?

Polls will run on my social media pages each weekday this week and beyond, beginning Tuesday. Voters are allowed to vote once for each match-up on each social media platform. So in theory, one could vote for Home Alone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all in the same day, for a total of three votes. Every vote will count. We'll keep voting each round until we have a champion. In the event of a tie, I will cast the lone tie-breaker vote.

On Facebook - you can vote by following the voting instructions on the marked Facebook post for each day's match-ups. You will also be able to vote on the poll on my Facebook story.

On Twitter - you can vote by voting on the polls tweeted out each day.

On Instagram - you can vote on my Instagram story.

Follow my below social media handles to stay up with the poll, while tuning in to the Jack Vita Show and checking for updates on the bracket:

Twitter - @JackVitaShow

Instagram- @jackvitashow

Make sure you follow along and exercise your right to vote! Your vote counts and your voice matters. Use the hashtag #JackVitaGOATBracket on Twitter and other social media platforms to share the bracket with others.

For more sports and entertainment analysis, follow me on Twitter @JackVitaShow, and subscribe to the Jack Vita Show on iTunes or wherever podcasts are found.


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